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Miss American Red Cross 

In American life the American Red Cross looms large.

It has been a part of my life since I was about four years old taking the Red Cross swimming class in the neighborhood pool. It keeps me particularly close to my mother, a Grey Lady in the 1940s, whose pride in her work with the Red Cross is still with me. 

Look in this paper for some new research and some little known historical facts about the birth of the American Red Cross in the United States.

So here are the questions:

Why is it that Clara Barton’s is the name that we all know and honor?

Why is it that Mabel Thorp Boardman’s name is relatively lost in the hour glass of time?

It is almost eerie.

But the good news is that when disaster strikes, the American Red Cross is still here to 

fulfill its mission.

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our celebrated American poet living ahead of her time






Be the first to rediscover

the distinguished and celebrated American poet

Edna St. Vincent Millay, whose lines

My candle burns at both ends.

It cannot last the night.

But ah my foes and oh, my friends,

It gives a lovely light

are still burning today with the same lyrical urgency.

Not suitable for children, catnip for adults

Read this slim volume for a quick

 pick me up

while traveling abroad.

“Dark brown is the river,

Golden is the sand"

for the little children

Edna makes her debut moving into the 21st century as fresh and saucy as ever!

women's studies figure large in our library


We didn't plan it this way, but just by osmosis our published library has surfaced with a definite slant to powerful, brilliant, accomplished women.

This important section is a work in progress.  Please bear with us while it is under construction

the big list of books about famous women


Clara Barton

Edna St. Vincent Millay

Madame Chiang kai-shek

Madame Curie

Joan Didion

Louise Thaden

Margaret's Garden

Nora Ephron

Margaret Queen of Scotland

followed by the short list of books about famous men


David Douglas Duncan

James Abbott McNeill Whisler

Alvin Langdon Coburn

Robert Edsel

The Search for Forever Amber

What we need are male candidates for the next mini books.  Anyone for T S Eliot?

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the legendary amber room




A mini course in Russian history, amber history, Monuments Men, and the continuing mystery of what actually happened to the original Amber Room in the throes of World War II.  All news to the casual observer.

The Mystery unfolds...

While traveling with the Met along the Baltic's Amber Coast en route to St. Petersburg aboard Sea Cloud II use this mini volume white paper to prep yourself on the story of "Amber."

Even though one wag said to me "Well, Amber is just pine sap, you know," I have to say it is so so much more than pine sap!      

Today, stepping inside the Amber Room in the Catherine Palace museum is like slipping into a fairy tale - it's an Aladdin's cave!

Discover for yourself the breathtaking beauty of glowing amber, cut and polished, coming to the light from its lumpy, dark, rough birth.

But as with many fairy tales, especially Russian ones, there is a dark side to the Amber Room too, a shadow of legend and open-ended mystery.

And so we embark together on the search for forever Amber.

Soong Mei-ling



She had been glamorous. She had been sexy and compelling. She had dreams of ruling the world. Sometimes she was known as the Dragon Lady, in another life she was known as Soong Mei-ling, one of the three beautiful, rich and powerful Soong Sisters.

She was Madame Chiang Kai-shek. ..

Admirable...or notorious...moral or amoral...calculating and determined...charming and patriotic...Christian...all of those things,

 and more...

Madame Chiang Kai-shek 

alvin langdon coburn





“The photographic career of Alvin Langdon Coburn appears before our eyes like a brief time exposure through a fast lens.”

He was an amazing modern photographer working a century ahead of his time, inventing cutting edge techniques along the way…all in the first 24 years of his life. Then enjoy a full report of what came after that in the remaining 60 years. It’s an engrossing and fresh story.

Mrs. Marsh’s paper explores the relationship between photography and fine art through the lens of the long forgotten photographer Alvin Langdon Coburn, who was born in 1882, with a nod along the way to the Spencer Art Reference Library and the cult of Freemasonry, and the current heralded fine art photographer Matthew Pillsbury. 


the photo nomad and Picasso confidante



Happy Birthday to David Douglas Duncan! Celebrating his 100th birthday, still going strong, living in Castellaras, France, and enjoying worldwide recognition.

He was with us until 7 June 2018

The accumulated vision of a matchless eye…from iconic wartime photos to intensely personal at-home images of Picasso at play and at work…much of Duncan’s prolific body of work is archived and made available to the public through The Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas at Austin thanks to the foresight and generosity of Stanley Marcus.

This ’81 Club paper, first presented in 2005, still reverberates with vitality, as accurate and interesting today as it was then. Mr. Duncan’s work is a living history of war and the nomad life.

the lady with an ermine





The inspired creation of THE MONUMENTS MEN Foundation and the rescue and restoration of millions of the most important and iconic works of art stolen by the Nazis during World War II is gripping reading of the highest order. And it is all TRUE! Thanks to the innovative thinking and powerful drive of Robert Edsel, treasure after treasure was saved from hidden caves and salt mines and box cars and returned to the civilized world.

This was the first time in history an army attempted to fight a war and at the same time reduce damage to cultural monuments and property.

Hello Mona Lisa! It’s like visiting old friends who were welcomed back to the world by The Monuments Men and the US Army under General Dwight David Eisenhower.

Powerfully interesting indeed.

she pinned a flower to her dress





The imaginative re-telling of the well known story of Marie and Pierre Curie, their passionate love, their passionate research, their brilliant discovery, blooms in the book Radioactive...Marie & Pierre Curie A Tale of Love and Fallout by Lauren Redniss.

Radioactivity had made the Curies immortal.  Now it was killing them.

Early on in our story, we are seeing the lack of fear as Marie and Pierre work to discover radium...not being afraid to be close to it, nor touch it, and treating it like a pet that might be cuddled and kept by Marie's, it must be assumed, they did not yet sense the danger of it.

Marie wrote: "Crystals of barium chloride containing radium are colorless, but when the proportion of radium becomes greater, they have a yellow color...after some hours, verging on orange, and sometimes a beautiful pink."  

Again we see her fearless enjoyment of the beauties of radium.

"The flame spectrum of radium contains two beautiful red bands, one line in the blue-green, and two faint lines in the violet."

And the spring of 1910 a flush appeared over Marie's cheeks.  She pinned a flower to her dress.  She had taken a lover.

But then the magic of X-ray in wartime...
No longer were doctors performing blind exploratory surgeries on already damaged bodies.

It's a breathtaking and important story.

Marie and Pierre Curie sleep today in Paris's splendid necropolis, the Pantheon.

Held in the Bibliotheque Nationale, the Curies' laboratory notebooks are still radioactive, setting Geiger counters clicking 100 years on.

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she is defining and observing for us




The single compelling link between Joan and her readers is…

the power of her prose.

Writing is what she does, and reporting is what she does best.

At the peak of her career her writing was recognized for its significance in defining and observing American subcultures for mainstream audience.

If you wondered why she was attracted in the 60s to writing about such things as the Manson murders, and other sensational 

happenings in California, this is a clue.

She is defining and observing for us.

At this writing she still has the clear eyed gaze that has served her so well in reporting…and in life.

the launching of Thaden School



Iris Louise McPhetridge Thaden

and the launching of



The 1930s was a wild and woolly time in the infant world of air planes…

Once upon a time” begins the compelling story of Louise

Thaden, a pioneer aviatrix of great distinction…her adventures… …her records set…her recognition for daring and brilliant flying…

is the stuff of aeronautic legend…culminating with the naming of the cutting edge new college preparatory school in Bentonville…THADEN SCHOOL.

“In Louise Thaden, we found an historic figure whose Arkansan spirit and soaring achievements will inspire our efforts to create a new school that gives students roots and wings.”

Stay tuned. 

poundingly full of life




A Personal Memoir 

Going far back to the first time we got a really good look

at the famous “SUNFLOWERS” they were standing guard over

the salon of the famous Linda Benz on Rainbow Boulevard in

Kansas City, Missouri.

They were tall and wide and stretched clear up to

the ceiling.

They were poundingly full of life, brilliantly colored, and loomingly

tall and powerful…who could sleep or even rest while they were on duty?

As a matter of fact, we hope Margaret’s SUNFLOWERS will migrate along the wall and be hung near to her FRENCH WALLPAPER ROSES, thereby giving credence to the artistic conceit on which this effort is based…

by becoming at last


especially her joie de vivre




Everyone loves Nora Ephron, right? Especially her divine recipes. Especially her clever movies. Especially her joie di vivre.

This quick and easy to read paper is a sweeping mini-bio of Nora that slides gracefully into her last six years on this earth, when no one knew what was in store for her. 

As Frank Rich wrote in New York Magazine“What doesn’t matter is whether we got to say good-bye or not. What does matter is that she was here for those she loved and those who loved her, and that now, while we were napping, she has gone.”

Witty and clever Nora…a powerful writer bringing joy to all her readers


A treat is in store for her fans.

Exit Laughing…Nora Ephron’s dramatic departure…and when we looked the other way, she left the room…

Nora is still with us…her humor and joie de vivre living on!

modern feminist in the 11th century!



For all the precious Margarets in your family…

This compelling story about the incredible Medieval Queen Margaret 

is just in time for wonderful spring, summer, fall or winter reading.
What better than to meet this modern feminist living in the
11th century.

Margaret makes her debut  -  moving into the 21st century  - as fresh and enchanting  as ever… 

so be the first to re-discover Margaret the Medieval Queen of Scotland so advanced for her place in history..

Our all time favorite...brilliant and beautiful Margaret

the famous Peacock Room with blue walls

The Peacock Room with its blue and gold walls




A personalized look at the life and times of James Abbott McNeill Whistler…

During the course of his work for the art patron, Frederick R. Leyland, a Liverpool ship owner, the following transpired:

"That gave the excitable Whistler a clear field. Alone in the house, he more than touched up the room with a little gold paint. He let his imagination run wild with peacock feather

designs on the ceiling, ornate peacocks in gilded paint on the shutters, and around the walls.

“Well, you know, I just painted on and on. I went on – without design or sketch – putting

in every touch with such freedom...And the harmony blue and gold developing, you know, I forgot everything 

in my joy of it.”

And, most shockingly, he painted over the leather walls.

Now about those leather walls. The leather had been bought by Thomas Jekyll at great expense to Mr. Leyland. 

It had been part of the dowry of 

Catherine of Aragon


brought it from Spain. It was richly embossed and trimmed, and important

 in its own right.

Whistler had covered all the visible rich antique Spanish leather completely with a thick

coat of peacock blue paint. 

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our founder

Joan Marsh is a member of the ’81 Club of Kansas City, Missouri,

which was formed in 1881 for the purpose of presenting scholarly

papers to the membership, avoiding the forbidden topics of the Civil

War, politics and religion. This series of papers presented over 25 years to the ’81 Club includes intimate looks at the lives of Edna St. Vincent Millay, Madame Curie, Madame Chiang Kai-shek, Nora Ephron,

 David Douglas Duncan, Robert Edsel, James Abbott McNeill Whistler, Margaret Queen of Scotland,

 and many others known as 


Joan attended the University of Missouri and holds a B.A. from Texas

Tech University. Her major was English, and as night follows the day,

led to her 43 year career in publishing education programs for


 Joan and Alan Marsh founded MarshFilm Enterprises, Inc.

dba MarshMedia in 1969. The Marshes live in Kansas City, Missouri,

where they raised their two sons. Those sons and their families,

including eight grandchildren, who live all over the world, were the

inspiration for many of the childrens’ stories known as 


The family motto is Carpe Diem. Seize the Day!

Joan Marsh     
Publisher, Editor, Author

Joan Marsh Publisher, Editor, Author

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Enchanting historical success stories - joyful reading


ISBN:9781520792668                 (Paperback)

Be the first to rediscover

the distinguished and celebrated American poet

Edna St. Vincent Millay, whose lines

My candle burns at both ends.

It cannot last the night.

But ah my foes and oh, my friends,

It gives a lovely light

are still burning today with the same lyrical urgency.

Not suitable for children, catnip for adults.

Read this slim volume for a quick 

pick me up

while traveling abroad.

Dark brown is the river,

Golden is the sand"

for the little children

Edna makes her debut moving into the 21st century as fresh and saucy as ever!

look for Madame Chiang Kai-shek,

          Joan Didion, Madame Curie 

  • et al at

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