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We have a wide range of books about women that you can discover here on our site, and we have an Amazon page where you can buy our books.  Do you want to learn more about Margaret, Queen of Scotland?  What about Clara Barton, an inspirational woman who founded the American Red Cross?  Or you could study Madame Chiang Kai-Shek, a powerful woman and the last empress of China.

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Miss American Red Cross

Miss American Red Cross

In American life the American Red Cross looms large.

It has been a part of my life since I was about four years old taking the Red Cross swimming class in the neighborhood pool. It keeps me particularly close to my mother, a Grey Lady in the 1940s, whose pride in her work with the Red Cross is still with me.

Look in this paper for some new research and some little known historical facts about the birth of the American Red Cross in the United States.

So here are the questions:

Why is it that Clara Barton’s is the name that we all know and honor?

Why is it that Mabel Thorp Boardman’s name is relatively lost in the hour glass of time?

It is almost eerie.

But the good news is that when disaster strikes, the American Red Cross is still here to fulfill its mission.


our celebrated American poet living ahead of her time


Be the first to rediscover the distinguished and celebrated American poet Edna St. Vincent Millay, whose lines

“My candle burns at both ends.

It cannot last the night.

But ah my foes and oh, my friends,

It gives a lovely light”

are still burning today with the same lyrical urgency.

Not suitable for children, catnip for adults Read this slim volume for a quick pick me up while traveling abroad.

“Dark brown is the river, Golden is the sand"

for the little children

Edna makes her debut moving into the 21st century as fresh and saucy as ever!

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Release date Spring 2020

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