the legendary amber room


A mini course in Russian history, amber history, Monuments Men, and the continuing mystery of what actually happened to the original Amber Room in the throes of World War II. All news to the casual observer.

The Mystery unfolds…

While traveling with the Met along the Baltic’s Amber Coast en route to St. Petersburg aboard Sea Cloud II use this mini volume white paper to prep yourself on the story of “Amber.”

Even though one wag said to me “Well, Amber is just pine sap, you know,” I have to say it is so so much more than pine sap!

Today, stepping inside the Amber Room in the Catherine Palace museum is like slipping into a fairy tale – it’s an Aladdin’s cave!

Discover for yourself the breathtaking beauty of glowing amber, cut and polished, coming to the light from its lumpy, dark, rough birth.

But as with many fairy tales, especially Russian ones, there is a dark side to the Amber Room too, a shadow of legend and open-ended mystery.

And so we embark together on the search for forever Amber.

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